5. série seriálu American Dad!

30. srpna 2011 v 21:06 |  American Dad! 5
05x01 In Country... Club
05x02 Moon Over Isla Island
05x03 Home Adrone
05x04 Brains, Brains and Automobiles
05x05 Man in the Moonbounce
05x06 Shallow Vows
05x07 My Morning Straigtjacket
05x08 G-String Circus
05x09 Rapture's Delight
05x10 Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
05x11 A Jones for a Smith
05x12 May the Best Stan Win
05x13 The Return of the Bling
05x14 Cops & Roger
05x15 Merlot Down Dirty Shame
05x16 Bully for Steve
05x17 An Incident at Owl Creek
05x18 Great Space Roaster

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